New Year’s Eve Gala
Made In: 2017
Program Used: Photoshop

Each gala that TJ Events hosts they have a different theme, the 2017 theme was Las Vegas.


When I was designing the poster I decided to go with the idea of casinos because that is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Las Vegas. I kept with this idea by adding a roulette wheel and cards. The shapes of diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts were used to space out the words for the features. I based the fonts to look more like a Las Vegas poster from the timeline. The reason for using yellow for the words is because I wanted it to stand out against  a dark background and to make it bright and look like lights.

Along with the poster I was in charge of designing little cards that were put in the napkins, it showed the sponsors and talks about what the gala is about. With the postcards I wanted to keep a connection between it and the poster so I had the same roulette wheel.